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Sep 27, 2007
Dating Success Begins with a Great Photo

Look at the three photos below. In a search, which of these people would you be more likely to respond to?

If you picked Photo 3, you're like almost everyone who searches Yahoo! Personals. ??In fact, almost every Yahoo! Personals success begins with a great photo. Because of that, we've improved the way we treat the primary photo you submit -- the photo that appears on your profile page and in search results. Everyone says they want to see a close-up view of the face of the person in the profile, like Photo 3.If you submit a close-up for your primary photo and it meets our Photo Guidelines, we'll approve it. However, if you submit a picture like Photo 2 for your primary photo, our reviewers will try to use image technology to turn the picture into a close-up.

Image technology has limits

In most cases, if you submit a picture like Photo 1, our image technology cannot turn it into a close-up like Photo 3. We won't be able to approve it as your primary photo, however, we will add the photo to the "View All My Photos" section of your profile.

You will know we had to do this because we will send you an email saying you will still need to submit a primary photo. You must have a primary photo in order to have your profile included when people restrict their searches to profiles that include photos.

If you submit a photo like Photo 2, maybe we can turn it into a close-up photo like Photo 3. We'll let you know if there is a problem. Again, if we can't use it as your primary photo we will send you an email saying that you will need to submit a primary photo in order to have it appear in photo search results.

If necessary, identify yourself

Let's say there is more than one person in the photo you submit -- you with your child or your best friend or a pet. Our photo reviewers will try to isolate your face for your close-up. If your picture includes Fido or Boots, we can guess who you are. Otherwise our photo examiners might check your profile to see if you identified yourself. Some people add a sentence to their profile such as, "In my photo, that's me on the left with my best friend, Annie." Still, if we can't tell who you are, you'll receive an email about needing you to submit another primary photo.

Finally, let's say you submit several photos at the same time and designate one as your primary photo. If we can't create a close-up photo from the picture you submitted as your primary photo, we'll try to make a close-up from another photo you submitted.

Why all this hassle about photos? It's simple. People want to see what you look like, as much as you want to see what they look like. Close-up photos are one way to help you connect with someone special. That's why you're here, right?
  • Read our Guidelines. Do this before you post a photo so you can be sure that it will get posted on the site. All photos are subject to rejection or removal.

  • Show off how you look on an average day. Don't use a "glamour" shot on your profile. Sure, you look fantastic, but will you be able to live up to that image when it comes time to meet your match? You're more likely to get responses by posting an everyday picture.

  • Use a current picture. Do not post high school graduation photos, baby pictures, or that awesome shot from 10 years ago. If you don't have a recent photo, ask a friend with a digital camera to shoot your portrait.

  • Choose a quality photo. A close-up photo of your face is much more interesting than a blurry or far-away image. Take the time to find a clear, well-lit picture.

  • Smile! You look like a million bucks when you flash those pearly whites. Don't be shy.

  • Post only one photo. Do not post a collage of photos - it will be rejected. But you can choose up to five of your favorite pictures!

  • No more than two people in a photo. We want to see you and not your sister! If you can't find any solo photos, you may post a picture that includes one other person. But try to keep the focus on you.

  • Do not include your phone number. Or your email address. Or your full name. Or your Yahoo! ID.

  • Nudity is not allowed. Do not post nude photos on Yahoo! Personals profiles. Do not post photos with obscene or objectionable content.


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