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7 Reasons Why She Didn't Write Back

How frustrating is it when you reach out to a woman online and she doesn't contact you back?

Here are the most common reasons why you didn't hear from her, and ways to work around them so you can boost the number of email responses in your inbox.

She's getting a lot of attention online.

A key thing to remember is that women's inboxes tend to get crowded with potential suitors. Make sure that you stand out from the competition by commenting about something specific she said in her profile, such as, "You mentioned you really like movies. What are some of your favorites?" Don't send her the same email you sent to 20 other women. It doesn't make her feel special.

You contacted her just because she looks hot.

How many times have you skimmed a profile quickly and then contacted her right away because she is cute-looking in her photo? And then she doesn't respond. If you go back and reread her profile in depth, there will be things you missed which give you the clues as to why she didn't contact you. Maybe you missed that she has three dogs and your profile says you don't like pets.

You posted the wrong photo.

Guys, you need to start paying more attention to the photos you are choosing for your profiles. Don't even think about posting a photo until you show it to a few women (a coworker, sister or friend you trust) and get their reactions. What you think is a fine-looking picture may look like a menacing mug shot to us. Also, a pet peeve for women is a photo where you've got your arm around some other woman who was obviously cut out of the picture. Last, but not least, choose pictures where you can see your face clearly.

She may think your email was too forward.

Make sure you are not asking her for a lot of personal information the first time you contact her. You don't want to make her shy away from you even though you are just trying to get to know her. Avoid asking things like her place of work, specifics about where she lives or details about her children. Also, don't suggest meeting in person in the first email.

You focus on past breakups in your profile.

When women read your profile, they want to learn about you, not your exes. If you are including too much detail about bad past relationships in your profile, you may end up sounding bitter and jaded, which is a turnoff. As you get to know a woman online over time, then you can get into both of your relationship histories. It's not something for your profile.

You aren't her type.

Even though you think your profile and her profile could walk off into a romantic sunset together, she may feel that you are not her type. I know it's hard to do, but gentlemen, try not to take this personally. The process of online dating is sorting through a variety of profiles to find the ones that are best suited to you. If she doesn't think you will be a good fit, then you probably won't be and she's saving you a lot of time and effort.

She doesn't get what a catch you are!

You want someone who understands all the things you have to offer and is excited to respond to you. Instead of focusing on all the women who aren't contacting you back, pay attention to the thousands of women with profiles online who are just waiting to hear from you!


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