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1. When you break-up, make it for good: So much drama lies in the breaking-up-getting-back together cycle. Stomping the drama means stopping this cycle before it starts.

Statements like, "If you keep going out all the time without me, I'm going to break up with you," are all wrong. Instead, let your partner know your thoughts and feelings with statements like, "It really upsets me to be left alone all the time." Then you can get into problem solving mode.

No one should have to live with the constant threat of a break-up. It leaves you sick, insecure, and on edge in the whole relationship. But if you truly want to end it, make it stick the first time.

2. Learn to spot drama-prone personalities: People who like drama like attention. If someone you want to date is constantly flirting with other people, fighting with other people, and seeking the spotlight at parties or clubs, know you're likely to have drama on your hands if you decide to get involved. Also, people who seems to have a constant, steady flow of chaos in their life rather than having all their ducks in a row is usually a relationship drama magnet.

3. Stop picking fights: Believe it or not, a lot of fights get started out of boredom. Begin to notice if you and your partner are picking fights with each other on rainy days when there is nothing to do. Also, notice if fights start when you and your partner are frustrated about something unrelated to the argument. Then you can work on solving that problem, rather then creating needless drama in your relationship.

4. Learn how to say, "Game over!": If you've got a game-player on your hands, most likely you've got drama on your hands. People who are authentic, know how to communicate, and are honest about what they are thinking and feeling will leave you drama-free.

5. Take your arguments down a notch: Drama gets created when every little thing gets turned into a big crisis. "You forgot to bring the bananas home. You never do anything for me. You don't love me." Okay, time to stomp the drama. Learn to deescalate your arguments by toning down the criticism, and not making a federal case out of everything.

Let some stuff go... it's likely your partner will start to do the same.

6. Find other ways to create excitement in your relationships: No doubt you are swamped with work, family, and other responsibilities in your life. So much so that you may loose touch with the things you love to do -- the things that give you joy, pleasure and healthy excitement. Take time to get in touch with the positive things that make you happy. Is it dancing, watching movies, swimming, cooking? Whatever they are, take time out to do these things with the person you are dating -- and try to come up with some new things as well. Salsa dancing lessons anyone?

7. Detox the drama addiction: Drama can be addictive. It's a rollercoaster ride of exciting highs and lows. Healthy relationships have their highs and lows, but they also have some really secure, steady no-waves moments where you can chill and breathe a big sigh of relief. If just being together without the drama isn't enough, it's time to find out why this relationship or any healthy relationship doesn't seem fulfilling -- counseling is always a good option.

8. Know that drama gets boring: After a while, all the emotional crises, all the breaking-up and getting back together, and all the hurt gets predictable and boring. Soon, your friends are going to be done with it, your family is going to be done with it, and you are going to be drained and done with it. Get over it before it starts. Stomp the drama!

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