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E-Book How To Catch A Cheat - Forbidden Orgasm Secrets - Guide to Getting Your Ex-Back
Cheating is the number one crime committed against spouses, yearly. It is the reason why many marriages fail. Both wives and husbands cheat. But what can you do when you suspect your lover? That is where technology can not play a role. Technology, especially crime technology has become widely interesting to the lay audience. Television shows like CBS's CSI, is widely popular. We are all fascinated at the technology they use to catch the criminal.

Now thanks to an innovative private investigator, David Vitalli, founder and CEO of the company true-test (TM) inc, we can do are own investigating to find out if our lover is cheating. His test has been labeled the infidelity test.

David Vitalli has been a private investigator for over thirteen years. He has seen his fair share of cheaters. Now for a small price, the average person can order their own kit and discreetly administer the test themselves.

The test kit uses ultraviolet light. There are over 3,000 natural and man made substances that can transform invisible ultraviolet energy into long visible wave lengths that appear in a variety of colors, including semen and vaginal fluid. When the UV light strikes the molecules (substances) they rotate violently and become visible.

The test comes with chemicals, a UV light test papers for samples, and a measuring drop dispenser. To use this kit, first you must go to a dark room. Pass the UV light over a piece of clothing where you suspect a stain, slowly (example: underwear of the person you believe is cheating). If you see some color appearing in the area, rub the area with collection papers provided. Then using your measuring drop dispenser you will take 10ml of the liquid from TI (tube) and mix with contents of T2 (Tube). Give the mixture at least 30 seconds to mix completely. Then drop 2 to 3 drops of your mixture onto the collection paper. If semen is present a purple color will show up immediately. If you see no purple color within 15 seconds then there is no traces of semen present. If the purple color appears after 15 to 20 seconds then the stain is made up of vaginal secretion.

Some critics say the test is too complicated for the average person to administer. If you believe you can not administer it correctly or would like a second opinion, you can mail the sample to true-test (TM) inc and they will do the test for you.

The average cost for the kit is $79.95. This price is probably a lot cheaper than hiring a private detective.

In the beginning, when the kit began selling, it was basically wives buying it. Now it seems to be fifty-fifty husbands and wives.

But it is even cheaper to talk over your fears with your spouse. Not every spouse is cheating. But no spouse is really going to like the idea of his partner testing him/her this way.

Some argue that this new technology is bad for marriages and relationships. . David Vitalli says that the success of his new product proves that the there is a need for it. "My job is to help people find the truth. What happens after the results are in completely depends upon the relationship in question."

To learn more about the test you can reach the company at or by phone at 1-877-362-9900

What do you say? It technology like this a good idea or is it just asking for trouble?


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