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E-Book How To Catch A Cheat - Forbidden Orgasm Secrets - Guide to Getting Your Ex-Back
Oct 27, 2007
Signs of a boyfriend or girlfriend cheating is always right front of us. We often don't realize it. It finally make sense in the end just how blind we were when we realize that someone is cheating on us. Some of the things we often don't notice or really think much about. We sometimes find ourselves making excuses for our partner cause we don't want to believe it when someone is cheating on us.

Here are some tips to help determine if your partner is cheating on you. People who often cheat often use privacy as a way of cheating. They often say that they have a right to change their password without you knowing it because they stand behind the use of privacy in order to cheat on you. People who cheat don't have the right to privacy since they abuse it. Privacy isn't suppose to be to cheat on someone. Cheating is just wrong.

Answering Machine

Your partner perhaps erases the voice messages on the answering machine at home and on cell phone or perhaps skips through the messages. Often they will turn down the volume on it if you are around so you can't hear very well what they say. They often will change the answering machine greeting. He or she may become secretive and perhaps change the voice mail password so you can't listen to the messages.

Cell Phones

He or she most of the time won't answer their cell phone if you are around when the other person calls. They will often tell you that it is just a wrong number or some other excuse. They will sometimes outright lie about it and say it was just some person from work calling to discuss issues about work. Sometimes he or she may get another different cell phone in order to make phone calls to the other person without you knowing since it won't show up on their other cell phone bill. Perhaps your partner does buy allot of calling cards and makes phone calls from pay phones.


You may notice that he or she takes showers more. Perhaps they dress more nice. Perhaps they often switch clothes during the day claiming it was too “hot” to wear that certain outfit all throughout the day so thats why they changed their clothes. You may notice she dressing more sexy such as underwear and regular outfits or him dressing more nicely and smelling good.

E-mail and Internet

Take note if he or she changes the password on their e-mail so you can't read it. They only change it so you can't read it is often because they are hiding something. If she or he has a ton of different e-mail address then it is also another indication of something going on. He or she visiting singles sites also does implies that he or she wants someone else.

Money and Job

Spending more money and not being able to give an honest answer where it was spent it. Sometimes cheaters do skip a day here and there from work and often use vacation time or sick time to get extra money so you don't notice the missing money. Credit Card statements and bank account statements often tell the truth about where the money went. It gets tricky if they keep on taking out cash all the time instead of using a debit card or credit card. Look at the statements you can often tell how much they spent and where it was spent at. Look at paycheck stubs to tell how many hours they worked lately. Another thing is they will often borrow money from people so you don't notice the increase in spending money. Some cheaters don't care if you know how much money they spend and tell you they don't remember what happened to the money they had or some other excuse.


People who are masters at cheating often get a private mailbox somewhere else. They have some of their other mail go to a private mailbox that they don't want you to know about. They will have some of the other bills go to the house so it doesn't look weird. It is a big sign when their bank statements and credit card statements show up every month in a private mailbox somewhere and not at the home mailbox.


The mileage on the car will usually increase a little bit. Cheaters will often clean out their car more frequently than they normally do. You might notice a different smell such as perfume or air fresher to cover up the smell of perfume. You might notice receipts laying around in the glove box of the car or pant pockets for various things such as restaurants or flower shops. A variety of clues is laying around that we don't notice. People who are masters at cheating often will get rid of all the clues of cheating unless they get sloppy or lazy about it.


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