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Living Together is one of those things that people often do without thinking much about it regarding important issues. Here are some tips to help you reduce problems when living together.

Money and Rent

You and your partner need to decide whether to each pay a portion of rent or to put your money together to cover the entire household expenses. Make sure to discuss this before you move into a place together. Make sure that the both of you can handle money without crazy overspending each month. Make sure that you can trust each other.

Share One Bedroom or Separate Bedrooms

You both need to decide whether to share one bedroom or have separate bedrooms. You need to figure out what works best for you two. One partner may like just to have a whole entire bedroom or perhaps she or he wants to share a bedroom with you. Make sure to come to an agreement before moving in together. Don't always assume what your partner would want.

Enough Personal Space

It is very important to let each other have personal space. You both need a place to be able to go so you two can spend alone time sometimes. It will help reduce feelings of feeling smothered or overwhelmed when you have personal space so you two don't spend too much time together. It is important to not spend every minute together cause it isn't healthy.


Cleaning is an important issue that needs be discussed together. You don't want to drive each other crazy ! Learn about each other whether one likes the house clean or somewhat messy. It will be a new experience since you usually don't know the cleaning habits of your partner til you live with each other.


You and your partner both have a right to privacy without it being violated by the other person unless given a reason otherwise. You should be able to trust each other that you aren't hiding things from each other that would make the other person upset. If you don't give each other privacy it can cause quite a bit of problems in the relationship.


Furniture is something that you need to decide on together. Buy new furniture or perhaps use some of each others furniture in the new place you are living in together. Make sure that the furniture looks good together and matches the rest of the place.

Air Conditioner and Heat

Air Conditioner and Heat might cause some discomfort if you two don't work this out. Your partner may get hot or cold easy or you may get hot or cold easy. Make a agreement on what to do regarding heat and air conditioner so you both don't freeze or be too hot. You don't want to drive each other crazy with one person complaining about how cold it is or something!

Neat or Sloppy

Neat and sloppy people living together can cause a ton of problems. Make Sure to come to an agreement of how you want the house to look. A sloppy person can always improve to become a neat freak. You can make adjustments.


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