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Have you ever wondered why you should keep your man? Do you sometimes wonder what it is he does that should make you want to stay? Well wonder no more ladies, here is the reasons you should keep your man.

1. He hugs you for no reason.You're in the laundry room putting clothes on to wash and he comes in and hugs you. That means he loves you and he likes feeling you close to him.

2. He takes care of you when you're not feeling well.When you're sick he goes out and gets you soup, medicine, and anything else you need. He makes you stay in bed all day to rest. That's a good man that loves his woman.

3. Your granddad would have loved him.Granddads seem to be able to pick out the good and the bad. Think to yourself, would granddad carry him fishing, hunting, etc? If the answers yes, then you should keep him.

4. Your dad likes him.Alright ladies we all know how tuff this one is. Not many fathers like their daughters fellow. So if your dad likes him, your man must be doing something right.

5. He stays awake to cuddle.He's worked all day, you've worked all day and you're tired. He has already gone to bed but you have a few more things to do. When you go to bed he is still awake so he can cuddle with you. That's a keeper ladies.

6. He tells you that you are prettier without make up on.There's not much you can say to this one but WOW he loves me.

7. He'll watch sad movies with you and cry along with you.Now that's special. Most men will laugh and pick on their ladies when they start crying over a movie. Don't let this man go ladies.

8. He knows what your favorite things are.He knows your favorite food, song, movie, book, etc. That's the kind of man you want to keep. He cares enough to remember when you say that so and so is your favorite.

9. When you fight, he always makes up the same night.Not many men care to make up after a fight. Most men are stubborn and will wait on the woman to make the first move or comment.

10. He doesn't say "That's a woman's job".Oh don't you hate that ladies. Instead he helps you do laundry and wash the dishes.

11. He doesn't like the people who are mean to you.Now all men should be made to live by that. But if your man dislikes the people who are mean to you, hold on to him girl.

12. He admires you from across the room.Aw that is sweet. Do you sit across the room from your man and notice the sparkle in his eye while he is looking at you? Then girl he loves you and admires you.

13. He checks out the house when you hear something.Girl count your blessings if you have a man that will do that. My mother once heard a noisy in the house when we were getting ready to go in and she asked my step dad to go in and look. Not him, he jumped his big butt back in the car and waited on her.

14. He doesn't compare you to his mother.He doesn't say things like, "My mom cooks beans differently, she doesn't wash clothes like that, etc". Girl you do not need a man like that. Tell him maybe he should go back to his momma.

15. He'll stay up if you can't sleep.That's a man who loves you. He's not selfish and he puts your needs first.

16. He actually uses the presents you buy him.Some men will say that's nice honey and never look at it again.

17. It sends shock waves through your body when he touches you.Ladies this is something that you don't experience often, but if your man does this to you, don't let him get away.

18. He tells you he loves you everyday. Girl he loves you!

19. He Respects You!

20. It just feels right.There's not much you can say to this one. If it just feels right then you know what you have to do.

That is the reasons you should keep your man. Surely every single reason won't apply to one man, but majority of them should. I think the bottom line in deciding to keep him or let him go is 1. Does he love you? 2. Does he respect you? and 3. Does it feel right?


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