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Nov 2, 2007
We all know guys who are not at ease when it comes to seducing women in real life. They all want women. They dream about women. They fantasize…and sometimes they even boast to their friends about their imagined 'seduction skills'.

But the bitter truth is that the majority of men consider seducing women to be one of the most difficult tasks in their lives. In fact, this might be the only area in which all we men stand UNITED.

Some men may be confident when it comes to thinking of ideas about how to seduce a woman. They might even offer seduction advice to their friends and others.

However, when it comes to putting their advice into action, it very often turns out to be a much more difficult game to play than it is to commentate on. Actually approaching women and letting them know you are interested in them can be terrifying even for those who talk big.

The general idea of seducing a woman is to make her comfortable, to help her to relax. When you help her to do this, you empower her to initiate closeness and to choose to accept your advances.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not all about persuading her to take her clothes off as soon as possible! A successful seducer creates a comfortable situation for both of you where you can talk freely and get on with an encounter that you will both enjoy.

Before you can successfully seduce a woman, you need to understand certain things.

First of all you must believe strongly that seduction is a game where experienced players win and how to seduce a woman is not a rocket science.

Successful seduction needs careful planning, a positive approach, a degree of self-confidence, and a sense of humor helps too. These and other qualities will help you become a winner in the game of seduction.

You can regard yourself as being successful in seduction if you can impress a girl, take her on a date and show her how much she enjoys being romanced by you. If you can accomplish all this, you have a good chance of successfully progressing to sexual intimacy.


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