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Sep 16, 2007
Desirable Men: How To Find Them

Like everyone else, you want to Meet Nice, Attractive, Responsible, Committed, Friendly, Single Men?
  • Sketch a character portrait of Mr. Right.
  • Recognize and avoid Mr. Wrong.
  • Use your lunch hour to Prowl for prospects.
  • Identify where he’s likely to work, eat, and hang out.
  • Evaluate and learn from past relationships.
  • Approach a prospect and make a date.

Early Signs to Quickly Identify Good Men

Do you find yourself getting into relationships that aren’t meeting your needs? A lot of women do. The first step to changing this is to identify what your "pattern" is. In order to do this, first you have to be able to identify the type of man you are attracted to. Is he married? Is he too dependent? Is he abusive? What is he? There are all sorts of men to avoid because they cause more pain than pleasure. You need to learn about the more common types of undesirable men to make identifying him easier when you meet them. Learn to identify men who are:
  • Married
  • Abusive
  • Emotionally dependent
  • On the rebound
  • Gold diggers
  • Non-committers

Find Men During Your Lunch Break

The only way to find a pool of different men is to look in unfamiliar places. The lunch prowl is simply using your lunch hour to locate men. Most women spend way too much money trying to find men in the evenings when prices are at their highest and men are at their worst.

First Dates - Find His/Her Faults before You Know He/She's Wrong

Many men/women find themselves falling into patterns of getting involved with the "wrong" type of person. This may prove to be frustrating, resulting in a helpless feeling. You need to learn how to identify what’s wrong with him/her before you get emotionally attached without the other ever knowing what you’re doing!

How to Tell He's Attracted to You?

During a conversation, a man will look at a woman in one of several ways, all indicated different levels of interest. Most men give no thought to how they are looking at a woman. Their eyes simply react naturally to their feelings. You need to learn how interested a man is.

Physiological Signs of Attraction

Did you know that 93 percent of what someone communicates is conveyed through body language and tone of voice?

How a Man's Profession Affects You

People choose jobs that complement their personality type. For instance, a man who is aggressive will go into sales. A man who is caring and gentle will go into the human service field. Someone ambitious will work his way to the top of his profession and be the boss. Do you know what kind of man, based on his job title, is best for you and your needs? Most women don't. But, it's very easy to learn what type of profession is most complementary to your personality.

You don't have to compromise; you can have ALL the qualities you are looking for in a man. To do this, you need to discover what qualities you want in a man. The next step is to figure out which profession attracts that type of man. It's very easy and will change your dating life forever.

Control Your Nervousness

Have you ever had the experience of being attracted to a man but not having the nerve to meet him? Have you ever felt too uncomfortable to even look at an attractive man once he noticed you? If you answered yes, you’re not along. As a matter of fact, most single women rank nervousness as their biggest problem when it comes to meeting men.

Expressing Love Verbally

Appeal to all of your Partner's Senses and You Will Feel the Love.

Pleasing your partner’s five senses is the secret to great romance. The ability to both give and receive love is the most important aspect of a relationship. When you fill your partner’s senses, you fill his soul.


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