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Relationships are chancy, complicated, and at times confusing. However, despite the hassle and frustration, many people wish to bond with someone. If your relationship is good, you likely do not fear a breakup. Still, breakups do happen when some least expect and seemingly without warning. Unsurprisingly, couples will fight. Some people realize that bickering and disagreements are unavoidable, and work to improve the relationship. On the other hand, there are individuals who expect a perfect relationship.

Hence, they cannot handle the ups and downs of courting. To avoid being caught off guard, it is essential to recognize the signs that precede a breakup. There are situations in which a breakup can be easily predicted. For example, a partner that repeatedly cheats, enduring verbal or physical abuse, or simply growing apart. There are many signs of a forthcoming breakup. The trouble lies when people choose to overlook the facts. Breakups are painful. Nonetheless, the breakup is less traumatic if you recognize a partner’s lost interest beforehand. Here are five signs to help you discern when a relationship is reaching its end.

Partner Seems Reserved and Detached. Being unable to connect with your partner is a key sign that he or she is losing interest. Talking less, disappearing acts, and avoiding any type of affection should raise red flags. Of course, some people are not as vocal as others. Furthermore, some people are less affectionate. However, if the relationship began with your partner spending a lot of time with you, calling you throughout the day, and constant cuddling, it’s only naturally to be a little suspicious if the behavior ends completely. As relationships mature, couples tend to cuddle less and have shorter conversations. Still, partners that go from one extreme to the other without reasonable cause are likely losing interest.

Never Available to Take Your Phone Call. An unreachable partner is reason for concern. While some people have insecurities, and a tendency to bug their partner’s throughout the day, never being able to catch a partner at home or work may indicate an upcoming breakup. If you call your boyfriend at work, and the secretary places you on hold, only to return a few seconds later and announce that he is busy or out to lunch – be suspicious. Moreover, if you girlfriend’s roommate is quick to take a message every single time you call, regardless of the time of day – wake up. Because of caller ID, it is easier for people to avoid phone calls. Likewise, if your partner’s cell phone always goes into voicemail, he or she is probably trying to send you a subtle message.

Fighting about Little Insignificant Matters. Couples will bicker. Some will bicker a lot. However, if you and your partner begin to fight constantly about every stupid matter, the relationship may be nearing the end. Unhappy couples have a habit of exploding over little issues like ‘what restaurant to eat at’, or ‘who drank the last Coke.’ Fear of a breakup keeps them together, yet they use every excuse as a reason to argue. It’s their way of masking the real issue, and facing the fact that they no longer want to be together. Similarly, if your partner is constantly picking fights and blowing small matters out of proportion, maybe he or she is attempting to push you toward a breakup.

Partner Constantly Criticizes and Complains. If your partner is becoming bored with your looks, personality, and so forth – he or she may try and change you. For the most part, your partner is not happy in the relationship. Sadly, little can be done to change their mind. Perhaps he or she complains about your weight, clothes, hair, style, make-up, etc. In a nutshell, nothing you do will ever be right. You partner will likely establish a high standard. When you do not measure up to their level of perfection, they will likely end the relationship, and place the blame on you. Don’t be fooled by this tactic. Blaming you for the breakup is a lot of easier than acknowledging the real issues.

Partner Has a Habit of Streching the Truth. When it comes to relationships, lying is big no-no. It breaks down the trust, and puts a huge wall between the couple. If a partner has a habit of continually lying about their whereabouts, chances are they are dating or getting close to another person. Perhaps you call during lunch and he or she says they are out to lunch with co-workers. However, you later discover that they were seen at a different location. Obviously, miscommunications arise. Still, if you partner is missing in action a lot, and cannot quickly or convincingly explain their whereabouts, you may be sharing the limelight with another person.


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