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Show Her Just How Much You Love Her

Yep, It's approaching. Valentines Day! And guys, you KNOW that you're lady is all set on romance on this day. But what if you're not the "romantic type"? Not to worry. I'll show you how to show your lady just how much you love her on that special day.

Many guys are at a loss on what to do for Valentines Day. I think the amount of men who are the romantic type is likely less than 40%. Women know this and over the years, she may not really expect much more than a nice card and a dinner date. But you can do so much more and you don't have to break the bank doing it. Here are a few pointers.

Flowers: Now it's pretty common to come home with a dozen roses but you can do that and have even a bigger effect on her. If she works, (and in most couples, both man and woman work), instead of bringing the flowers home to her when you get home, have them sent to her at work. Her friends will all see it. Women LOVE to know that they are thought of and they love even more to show that off to their friends and co-workers. Or even if you work and she stays at home, have them sent to her at home.

The Card: Now if you're capable of writing well and putting your feelings on paper, I recommend writing a little something romantic and sweet to her in the card but if you're not, you're in luck. These days you can get a greeting card to say just about ANYTHING. Up to and including something like, "I know I'm not very good at expressing my feelings, but I want you to know that….". Take your time when searching for a card. Big and pretty don't mean NEARLY as much as just what it says inside. Your lady will be able to tell if you just grab one.

Plan ahead: Don't run around like a maniac on February 13th trying to get everything set. You can't take your time if you have to rush. Make reservations and pick out any gifts ahead of time. Don't forget to buy candles. You'll need them. Make it a goal to have everything all set one week BEFORE the 14th.

The dinner: This should be common sense but you'd be surprised how many guys think a place like TGI Fridays is class. Make sure it's a nice place. A quiet place with candlelight and violins with chilled wine is what you're after. Your lady has no desire to look up at one of the many televisions located all over those types of places.

Get a baby sitter: Valentines Day is for lovers. If you have children, some of these things can be difficult. This is essential. And if you can, get someone to take them overnight. This is a night for you and your lady. No children allowed.

Make it a night: If you can both manage it in your schedules and budget, take the 15th off and get a nice hotel room that night after dinner but if you can't, that's ok too. Instead, you can take it easy on the wine at dinner and decline desert. Have a nice bottle of wine waiting at home with a nice cheesecake. (Most ladies LOVE a good Cheesecake) Sit at your table with nothing but candlelight and soft mood music playing.

The end of the night: Now if it's simple date, it will end with a tender kiss at her doorstep, but if this is your wife or live-in girlfriend, the night is far from over. Go into the bedroom before she does and light the candles that you should have prepared. Don't be an animal. She doesn't want to be groped or ravaged. She wants you to "make love" to her. So it's all about taking your time. With nothing but the light from the candles in a dark bedroom, undress her slowly, kiss her neck and gently stroke her hair. Look into her eyes during and tell her how much you love her. If your love making sessions usually last about 30 min, take some extra time making her feel good and try to double that time. Give her at least an hour of adult attention.

Afterwards, blow out the candles (you don't want to burn your house down) and hold her in your arms or wrap your arms around her and allow her to fall asleep with the secure and loving feeling of having your arms around her.

The next day, she'll be bragging and calling her friends and telling her co-workers just how special her night was. And it was all because of YOU. She'll be floating on a cloud for days from a night like that. Happy Valentines Day!


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